Ultimate List of Free Vocal Sample Packs

Ultimate List of Free Vocal Sample Packs

Music production, as you know (Hello fellow producer 👊), often relies heavily on vocal samples to add that extra layer of depth and personality, especially in genres like EDM, Pop and Hip Hop.

Finding high-quality vocal samples online is a time-consuming task (I know, I've been there...), especially if you're on a tight budget, i.e. FREE!

But hey, don't worry, because I've got you covered! I spent around 32 hours consolidating the best FREE vocal sample packs and put them in this ultimate list so you won't have to.

And you know when I say FREE, I mean it 😝 You can thank me later, when you make it big 😎


Note: All samples & vocal samples listed here are 100% Royalty Free at the time of curation.


1. Cymatics

2. Vox Samples


4. 91Vocals

5. Ghosthack


6. Samplesound

7. Black Octopus Sound

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